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This community is specially established for foreign friends. It is convenient for foreign friends to learn about the Chinese community , and share the information of Nebulas. 此社区专门设立给外国朋友,方便外国友人了解中文社区情况,并分享外国友人的见闻。
The vitality of Nebulas Based on Darwinian evolution, We make a very interesting assumption: the whole block-chain is an ecosystem, and Bitcoin is like the origin of the ecology, like a plant. The advent of Ethereum resembles a single-celled animal, paving the ground for the prosperity of life. As time goes on, the whole ecosystem has evolved pleasantly. Next, there will be many different areas of application and the public chain appears. We can boldly predict that, in the near future, there will be a new species, which is an evolutionary and ever-growing public chain. Following some regularity rules can help us find the public chain. The ability to strain is an essential prerequisite. Whether in the species competition, business activities, technical competition, the strongest competitiveness must include the ability to adapt to change. A flexible architecture and the ability to quickly adapt to the market seems particularly important. The Nebulas at the beginning of design, recognizes the importance of self-evolving ability and rapid response change and proposes the design concept of the nebula's force (Nebulas force, or NF). In short, the nebula's force is the driving force of the nebula's self evolution, which contains three aspects: the NVM of the nebula`s chain virtual machine, the upgrade of the core protocols in the blockchain system, and the upgrade of the intelligent contract running on the blockchain system. This unique design concept, like DNA, provides the nebulas with a fast iterative capability beyond the general public chain. Let's see how it works. 1、 The NVM of the nebula`s chain virtual machine, A intelligent contract is a collection of computer instructions running on a blockchain, and a virtual machine is a container for running intelligent contracts on a blockchain. The Nebulas creatively introduces the LLVM technology as the key component of the Nebulas chain virtual machine. LLVM is a collection of highly modular compilers and tools that large companies, including Google and Apple, use as code-compilation frameworks. In simple terms, by using LLVM technology, Nebulas can cover 80% of the mainstream programming languages of the market, making the nebulas not subject to the limitations of a single programming language and conforming to the development trend of the entire blockchain industry. 2、 The upgrade of the core protocols in the blockchain system The consensus mechanism is the soul of a blockchain, and its core protocols include verification algorithms, packaging rules, NR algorithms, and incentive mechanisms. Familiar with the block chain of practitioners and technicians often put the POW,POS,DPOS which is the main consensus mechanism of the block chain, is to determine the rules of block formation and the basis of the miners ' income agreement. The quality of consensus mechanism determines the fate of the block chain. Give a vivid example: if the various chains are viewed as different beings, then the consensus mechanism is analogous to the instructions for compiling their behavior habits. We make an interesting analogy: the use of POW chain will make it need to eat constantly, consuming large amounts of energy and slow movement, the use of Dpos chain is a kind of centralization, it does not conform to the no-centrality.and more vulnerable to external disease attacks (super node vulnerable to control and attack). The nebulas chain pioneered the POD consensus mechanism (the contribution proving mechanism, the specific details of pod, which we'll read in the next article), trying to find a better balance between fairness and efficiency. Even more troubling, from the current architecture of mainstream block-chain projects, the cost of changing their consensus mechanisms is extremely high and inconvenient. A consensus mechanism that not easy to change is means that faulty and stupid system takes a long time to get corrected and is likely to be at risk of elimination. The founder of the Ethereum, Vitalik has realized that the POW mechanism of the Ethereum is not conducive to development, and wants to switch to the POS mechanism, but it is only to put the idea on the agenda it is expected to be in 2020 years to truly realize the conversion. Therefore, a good consensus mechanism must be gradually explored and evolved. Of course there is a feasible solution, but also the current popular means-fork: Play each other. The fate of most forks on the present is not good, because the fork is in fact the division of the community, the weakening of power, facing the sinister complex competition environment to survive more difficult. Nebulas Chain is the implementation of its core protocol code, stored in each of the designated areas of the block, and through a reasonable design mechanism to achieve the Nebulas Chain core Protocol rapid upgrade! This means that the Nebulas has the ability to quickly iterate to adapt to the rapid development of technology environment. Of course, this is not an arbitrary escalation, but based on a community vote to determine whether the official needs to issue a new agreement. In this way, the Nebulas is certainly the most agile player in the future competition. This is why the nebulas main network has been released, using the Dpos mechanism, and as it continues to develop, it will gradually switch to the POD mechanism. Without the design of nebula's force, the main network of the nebulas would not have been so fast.   3、 The upgrade of the intelligent contract No one can guarantee that there is no problem with the intelligent contract you write, and since it is code, it is impossible to have no loopholes. The DAO incident let the Ethereum had to fork ETH and ETC; the recent flaws in SMT and Bec tell us that a wrong code can lead to a big "accident". and block-chain programmers generally encounter this problem: The project is not adapted to the actual needs, want to rewrite, the old user’s data how to do? The intelligent contract upgrades on the ethereum are cumbersome, often only through proxy contracts and logical storage separation to try to solve, which is very unfriendly to developers. As a developer, I am delighted to see that the new generation of main chains represented by Nebulas has a better solution to the upgradeable of intelligent contracts. Knowing so much, you will slowly discover that the nebula’s NF design philosophy is based on embracing change in order to embrace an open mind and seek to adapt to technological innovation. The Nebulas has the nebula force it has the ability to call the world's elite, quickly reflect the adaptability and the evolving ability to improvise. We firmly believe that the nebula's forces will shine in the future!     About us: The nebulas original force community was spontaneously established by a group of technology lovers of the Nebulas Committed to growing as the first unofficial Nebula chain community which Self-organizing operation. The main content of communication is technical interpretation of the Nebulas knowledge of the blockchain, value thinking in the blockchain field etc. Next, the technical interpretation of the nebula chain will be introduced soon, aiming to use the popular and easy way let non-technical investors understand the technical principles and the technical advantages. Take the nebula chain as a starting point to learn and grow as qualified investors in the blockchain field. Join us     Next article Notice: The prerequisite for the birth of Super Dapp- -Interpreting Dip
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Law of the jungle & Modern civilization     Everything in the world has its own laws. Animals obey the law of the jungle. After gaining wisdom, mankind has gone through hardships and eventually evolved into modern civilization. This is a process of evolution from low latitude to high latitude. The law of the jungle is very simple, focusing only on strength. Whoever takes absolute power will stands at the top of the pyramid. In human society, the evaluation of people is very complicated. Because in the process of long-term evolution of the division of labor, we all found that relying on one standard cannot accurately evaluate a person's class. Therefore, people gradually reach a consensus to judge whether a person is strong, not only looks at power, but also pays attention to some factors such as intelligence, morality, and creativity and so on. It is precisely because of this more comprehensive and complex consensus that human society has progressed. The understanding of the blockchain also experiences process from simple to complex .   1.     Finding the coin circle ecology root of the problem     Speaking of blockchain is inseparable from Bitcoin. What is most concerned about is the price of Bitcoin. The price affects many people's nerves. Even the most closely-watched various We-Media are now discussed around price technical index. The price is the "power" of the coin circle ecology, which is the consensus of the leeks! For the coins with high prices, and the currency with short-term price increases has occupied the top of the ecology and is sought after by people. In this way, we are still in the law of the jungle. At this time, some people say that the purpose of my currency circle is to make profits.” Is there anything wrong with paying attention to prices?” Yes, the price is very important,  but remember that you are in the low-latitude jungle law that focuses on prices intelligently. Since price is power, who has absolute power? The experience of being cut up again and again tells you facts. Your strength is weak. You are at the end of the ecology. There are some projects that focus on marketing because they know they can dominate the price, so they have absolute power. There are air projects, because their strength can be pulled up by themselves, and how big they can be. If you participate in their games, can you really win?   Because of this, more and more people are beginning to realize that the value of a digital currency is definitely not only reflected in the rise and the multiple of the currency price. The investment logic in the currency circle should be value investment, not hearsay and chase the price. There is a kind of investment logic in the coin circle, do not pay too much attention to the gains it already has. The proportion of accurate investment value potential will often give you more stable income. But how to evaluate the good or bad of a digital currency or project? Or how can we more easily know the running status and specific data of existing projects and define the value? The analysis of human beings and even the comments of the industry's “great guy” always have more or less one-sided thinking or individual subjective colors. However, real and reasonable open-source algorithms and accurate data do not lie. This shows how important the value scale of a blockchain is in the entire field. The Nebulas creatively proposed the value scale of the blockchain---Nebulas rank. The nebula rank is a ruler running on the nebula's public chain, it measures the blockchain, dapp and user's value with a reasonable algorithm. For developers, investors and public-private project parties to provide a full range of factors to consider. Fundamentally solved the problem of missing value in the blockchain domain.   2.     What is the operating mechanism of the nebula index NR? The definition of the value scale NR (Nebula Rank) is the most important indicator in the nebulas ecology. Nebula's POD consensus mechanism and DIP incentive mechanism are based on NR. The nebulas is a decentralized public chain. The mechanism for generating NR follows the principle of decentralization. Therefore, the process of NR generation cannot be artificially interfered. The nebula gave a very detailed mathematical explanation of the mechanism of NR generation, and examples of its resistance manipulation and other special cases were made. These reports can be found on the page 9 of the nebula technology white paper, and no further explanation is given here.   What is NR? Explain with a lively and easy-to-understand example: Everyone has used amazon, after the search for item will show a lot of businesses, the shelves have a ranking, the general default is a comprehensive sort, you can also choose to sort by the price from low to high and so on. What is the principle of comprehensive sorting? The overall ranking of commodities is related to 10 factors, and amazon assigns weights to 10 factors respectively: Volume: 15%, favorable rate: 10%, collection: 8%, shelves: 12%, conversion rate: 14% , Showcase recommendation: 10%, buy-back rate: 10%, DSR: 8%( Seller Rating Rating System). If out of 100 points, through the weight ratio mathematical calculations, can be a specific score of a business, according to the score from high to low ranking. This is like amazon is a prestigious referee, holding a ruler, measuring all the "Jumping" achievements settled in amazon business, who jumped the furthest and most strength (here's strength refers to better reputation, sales volume, quality better, service in place.) amazon has decided that the businesses ranks high. The purpose of this amazon, first, allows users to search for the most comprehensive business in the shortest time, improve user experience; Second, it can allow businesses to orderly competition, and constantly improve their service levels, product quality, etc. Improve your rankings.   In the same way, the nebulas applies this quantification mechanism to the blockchain. The Nebula has developed a mathematical rule that uses liquidity, dissemination and interoperability as quantification factors to calculate the world-wide information of the blockchain, score the nodes and smart contracts in the blockchain and give them a NR value. For this way, the Nebulas has two advantages. First, the blockchain users can quickly and efficiently find the blockchain information they want through the NR sort provided by the nebulas. Second, the blockchain developers can improve the software, increase the number of visits, increase software awareness, increase your own NR, and allow yourself to accumulate more users and get more rewards.           Above is the list of NR rankings calculated by the nebulas based on the May 2017 Ethernet trading data   Of course, there is a very difference point of computer science between the nebulas and amazon . amazon as a centralized company, although everyone knows its calculation rules, but the specific operation is invisible. We must fully trust amazon before we can completely trust its calculations and rankings. But the nebula is not the same. Blockchain has an inherent advantage, all information is open and transparent. The calculation rules formulated by the nebula are based on the open information of the blockchain and are calculated through open source code. The calculation process cannot do any manual intervention. If everyone have some doubts of the ranking, it can be traced back to the source and can be duplicated. it can be counterfeited, and there is non-existent Nebula under table dealing.   3.     NR’s reality application and future thinking   The current blockchain world is still in a chaotic period. It needs a universal value measure to measure the value of simple data at the bottom of the blockchain, find more dimension information, thus search and excavating more value in the blockchain world. This can help us to break away from the low-dimensional law of the jungle. Evolved into more dimensional and objective blockchain worlds. When we have the NR rule, we are no longer confused; we can take this fairness and justice NR rule to measure everything you see. And this measure of the value of the blockchain is objective, notarized and connotative. In this way, for investors, they can learn more about the significance of prices. For technicians, it can be concerned about which public chains or applications are more attentioned by users. There are more commercial applications prospects. Therefore, thinking about values and measure of values is the most urgent and basic infrastructure in the blockchain world.   The establishment of NR is an epoch-making initiative for the blockchain world. Please believe in the future you can have no non-trumpet, but you can't do without the NR.             “Far beyond the only technology itself, the blockchain is a revolution , we support each other and we do things with each other and everyone has equal rights .We start nobody and finally we are still nobody. The only purpose we do Nebulas is to help our nobody to get united with each other and united force. We can change the world ."  --Hitters xu  tips:The article is translated by Age.     About us: The nebula's force community was spontaneously set up by a group of technology enthusiasts in the Nebulas Dedicated to growing into the first unofficial Nebula’s community to run itself. The main content of communication is : Nebulas of technical interpretation, block chain of value thinking, and so on, in order to use the most understandable way to let the non-technical investors understand the technical principles and technical advantages. To the nebulas as a starting point, learning to grow into blockchain field of qualified investors. Join us          Next trailer: The Chain of Darwinian evolution (Nebulas Force's interpretation)
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